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New Font Download Option!

Get 400 true type fonts with a single download!

After many requests, I have finally compiled a single archive to download all of the fonts available through tyWorld! Save time and increase your personal font collection instantly for only $5.95! (Note: Fonts are delivered in the Microsoft Windows ttf format)

Click on the button below to purchase this special collection instantly, or click here to download a 1.7MB PDF font book of the fonts included in the archive:

Other True Type Font Download Options

Since 1997 tyWorld has distributed a variety of freeware and shareware true type fonts (for mac and pc). These galleries are still available for your browsing pleasure if you don't wish to download all of the fonts at once (or take a peek at some samples in the gallery then return to download them all at once!).

Choose a gallery from below:

Original "Newbie" Font Gallery The original 13 fonts that started everything: Gadzoox, Chauncy, Glazkrak, BeBop, LokiCola, LCD, SpottedFever, Nine, Astigma, SideShow, Skeech, Amelia, Exsect

maxGallery 28 hot fonts for mac + pc: acidic, club fluffy, dysprosium, flubber, font for dumped, fresnel, girls are weird, glue, goofball, holstein, melanie, melmo, mickey, packet, robot teacher, packet, saturn, shirt, signal to noise, slurry, smoothplate, spillmilk, squiffy, sugar cube, sugarfish, tanline, trigger, valium, weimar

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